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I know that most fisherman know a good amount about blue runners HOPEFULLY so I have an important question for everyone.Here's the situation:Went to a rig that was on the way out to our destination and put our sabiki rig down and ended up catching 4 blue runners.After those 4 we were having problems bringing any more up so we hoped to catch more at deeper rigs.Sure enough,NO BLUE RUNNERS in deeper water and used up all of those 4 blue runners to catch NICE fish so we had to head on in.Just for curiosity,we went back to that same rig wherewe caught those 4 blue runners and started catching them liek nuts!Basically I was wondering if those blue runners are more likely to be in the shallower rigs because someone had told me after that day of fishing that they tend to like the warmer waters so they are in closer.IS this true?I mean judging from that day I would tend to think that blue runners are most likely found in water less than 100 ft.
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