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We are gettin my daughter a blue heeler for her b-day, just wonderin if any body else has one and how good of a family dog they are and are they hard to potty train
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We have a blu-heeler and sheltie mix. Beautiful dog, and all attitude. Noel will play until she is ready to drop, non-stop. She'll chase anything, including me. She'll nip at your ankles if you are walking a direction other than where she wants to go. This spoiled rotten little thing is the best entertainment we have. If there is a kid near, she is in her glory. She hates the pool except when there are kids in it. She has toys she'll string thru the house, but tell her to pick them up, and she'll do it. Everyone who comes to the house, she thinks is there to see her. She's a real trip, and wouldn't trade her for anything. Her understanding of the english language is unbelievable. After having this breed, I'll be sure to get another of the same.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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