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black tips

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I've heard around seawolf park should get me some action.Any suggestions on better spots around texas city.Family in from out of town and all they want is to catch a shark.[besides it would be a way to feed'em cheap]
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The Beach

Go To The Beach Any Where You Wan't. Live Mullet And You Should Limit Out On Shark From Now Till August.
I've caught blacktips at Sea Wolf occasionally but the beach front is a much better bet.
Drift out in front of the jetties with some large live mullet and get ready.
They seem to always be there when its hot.
state park

Jbethard and i went to the state park this weekend and they were everywhere, he even had about a 6 footer hit a tout about 2 foot in front of him while trout fishing. Also early in the morning the trout bite was on pretty good with a bone spook in the surf so you could take the family and put out a few rods then grab a spokk and catch a mess of trout.

Good thing about the State park is if you register at the park and fish the beach the family members that dont fish regular wont have to go buy a fishing license.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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