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Yes, they are great to eat, especially on the grill. I have never bothered with bleeding them, but some do. Just make sure you cut out the bloodline when you clean them. You are allowed one per day, and it must be over 24". In my opinion the best size for eating is 3-4ft. I only keep 1 or 2 a year because shark numbers aren't doing great, but we have a healthy enough population of blacktips that taking a reasonable amount won't hurt the resource.

In terms of rigging up, for starters you need a some kind of a steel leader. Single-strand is fine, but cable is really better, especially if you hook into a big one. For bait, pretty much any kind of cut finfish works. My favorites are ladyfish and mullet, both of which are readily availible in the surf. If you are targeting larger sharks, jacks and stingrays are great, but that is an enitrely different ball game. If I am just fishing for blacktips I use a fishfinder (carolina) rig w/ a spider weight (4-6oz) and 5ft. cable leader. Match the hook size to the size bait you can acquire, if you are using a whole ladyfish or mullet you might want to make a 2 hook rig. Hope this helps!
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