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Posting this for my wife. Has an associate who rescued this dog. Supposedly, 2 doctors purchased this dog for $3500.00 for show circuit then lost interest. Purebred Black Russian Terrior, 4 year old male, good disposition. Following is an email from the current owner " I do not want any money for him so long as he goes to a good home. My two other dogs are male, and one of my male dogs refuses to accept him and keeps attacking and biting Sultan. Sultan has an excellent temperament, is a great dog very friendly and also a good guard dog. He loves cats. My dog, Nomad, is a chupacabra and has made this wonderful dog's life miserable in the three weeks he has lived with me. Sultan is a very happy dog unless Nomad is around, which is all of the time. I have to crate Sultan to keep Nomad away from him.

Sultan is a big dog but friendly and obedient. Please help me find him a good home. Thanks."
Contact: Margaret A. Poissant
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