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Birth Announcement

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Miss Tara Marie Porter and Mr. William Alexander Robbins would like very much to announce the birth of their new son (and my newest grandson) :doowapsta

Proud new mama

and proud new daddy

Tara's first question to me was "what do you think mom, is he a keeper?" The nurse's jaw about hit the floor when I said, "yeah, he's within slot, he'll keep. Stick him in the cooler." LOL I had to explain it was a fishing joke.

He's for sure a litle cutie.

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Congrats gramma Kay! I saw you and Tara leaving the hospital that night (that was what...last week?) and thought...nope, guess not yet, lol.

I see it was yet another week of waiting, man o man...long time to be ready at a moments notice.

Shes gorgeous and definately a stringer :)
MsAddicted said:
Shes gorgeous and definately a stringer :)
Oops!!! HE is gorgeous!! :) :) Sorry!
1 - 2 of 28 Posts
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