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This lease is still available. I am looking for 2 more responsible hunters. It is located within 5 miles of El Campo TX.

There will be 7 memberships total at a cost of $670 each.

It is a year round lease. July 1 to June 30

Dove, duck, geese, quail and varmits are allowed to be hunted.

Each member will be allowed to bring the following guests:

Dove: member + 2 guests

Geese: member + 2 guests

Duck: member + 1 guest

Quail: member + 1 guest

There is a total of 520 acres in two different parcel located within 3 miles of each other. One parcel is 320 acres with a 13 acre pond. It is planted in cotton this year. The farmer will disk the ground after the cotton is harvested which should be before the start of dove season. (both areas are located in the south zone by the way.) There are two sunken blinds in the pond and one blind on the edge. More can be built but will be the member’s responsibility. If you build a blind it will be yours to hunt. Others may hunt it with your permission. The others are on a first come first serve. This may change if it becomes a problem.

The other area is approximately 200 acres that are planted in Milo and soy beans. There is a small camp area on this property that has running water and electricity. The cost of the electricity will need to paid for.

The rules are simple:

1. Pick up your hulls trash and bird carcasses.

2. Be respectful of the other hunters and property.

3. Absolutely no driving on the lease roads when they are wet (Four wheelers are allowed)

4. All state and federal wildlife laws must be followed.

5. No duck hunting after noon (Teal hunting allowed all day)

6. All members will have the right of first refusal for membership of subsequent years.

7. All decoys must be picked up after each hunt.( Goose decoys may be put out the night before and if you are hunting the next day may be left out)

8. All membership dues are due June 1 each year.
9. No cosumption of alcoholic beverages while hunting.
9. Any violation of the above rules will result in your termination from the club.

I have not personally hunted this place before so I can not and will not tell you there is excellent hunting here. Based on my twenty five years of hunting the property should produce great hunting for doves and geese. The duck should also be good but I have never hunted ducks in this area. The pond is one of very few large bodies of water within a 3 mile radius. If there are ducks in the area I would think there is a great chance there will be ducks in the pond. There are a few quail on the place and some good habitat for them to raise. I would however not expect too limit out every hunt. It would probably at best be good for a couple of hunts.

This is a great deal for some looking for a place to hunt year after year. This is not being offered by a guide just a fellow hunter that is tired of guides and hunting with two hundred different hunters each year. I am dealing directly with the land owner and will have to answer directly to him if any problems occur. The landowner will not be responsible for pumping water. That will be the responsibility of the club. I have a one year lease with an option for five more. I can foresee having this lease until such time the property owner sells it.

This lease needs to be finalized and monies payed by June 26 of this year.

If you are serious I will be available to show it next Saturday. Any questions contact me at [email protected] or call me at 713.299.9792.

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Two spots still available. I will show in the morning Saturday June 26 @ 9:30 if interested. Call me at 713.299.9792. This is the last weekend of showing these spots will be filled by the end of the weekend.
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