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Big Sharks and Water Spouts out of Galveston Jetties

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Left out of Galveston Jetties today with storms everywhere. Bait was plentiful and easy to catch(Pinfish, Pigfish, Whities). We were unable to locate any Bull Reds but had big sharks hooked up all day. We managed to catch sharks from 10lbs to 100lbs when we were not running from the storms that were blowing up. Here are some pictures of a couple of sharks and one of the water spout.


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Looks like all mono leader? Is there any steel? Nice sharks and pics!
I use both. I use wire leaders and mono leaders up to around 130lb test.
WOW!! Those sharks look pretty big!! What size hook were you using for those monsters? And, were you freelining or fishing the bottom?
Thanks and nice pics!!
Nice pics, man the Mafia could have done some (bidness) out there, ????? LOL Nice pics once again..
Is there a tornado in 2nd picture? Good catching, and nice report. Thanks.
Water spout...check the title of the thread. :)
Nice catch. those sharks look like to defferent species.
Awesome pics and sharks. Water spout a wee bit close. Good to hear you got back safely.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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