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Went out to BHP yesterday to try and hook up with a Tarpon and managed to jump about a 6 footer. It hit on a pin perch and it quickly took my TLD 10 to half spool in a matter of seconds. It jump twice and on the second jump about 175 yards out it broke my #7 malin wire leader.
It was a blast, I hadn't hooked up with a Tarpon in a long time.
I was wondering how you guys manage to land them with fly rods, it must be tough.
I remeber about 2 years ago I fought one that was about 7' for an hour an 15 minutes on a TLD 25. I could't believe how huge it was when I finally got him to the pier. It let me look at him for a few seconds and then it got its second wind and shot straight under the pier. I couldnt stop him even if my life had depended on it and that was with a 60 Sufix top shot on a TLD 25.
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