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Ok guys, Ive been selling a few things on E-bay. Most people pay with paypal which has always been great. Recently, well about a month and a half ago, I sold an outdrive from one of my motors off of my boat. Transaction smooth as usual. Well Friday, I get an e-mail from paypal. The guy who had purchased the outdrive used a company credit card and the company is mad. I understand them being mad and wanting their money back. I look at my account and it says Balance: -$600.00. I do not keep money in my account for this reason. I dont trust anyone. I have no product back so basicly they are trying to steal $600.00 from me. They said on the phone that I have a verified account so I should be covered under the Seller Protection Plan, what a crock. They asked for the tracking number, I gave it to them for investigation. I shipped the drive through AAA Cooper Transportation and it was arranged to be picked up at the dock at AAA Cooper Terminal in Greenville SC. They said it had to be delivered to the recipients address to be covered. Im not out any money because after getting the investigation notice, I withdrew all money from my bank account, but it has been a big bunch of ****, Im closing this band account and opening another. They say they aren't supposed to touch money in your bank account unless you authorize it, well, this hombre aint taking any chances with my $600.00. It wouldn't be so bad if they would give me my drive back. They say thats not in their controll. I am closing my PayPal account account and will continue to tell everyone I know about this.
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