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Betcha my mower is faster than yours....

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Betcha your mower doesn't have a Bud Pole Award sticker. These are the original contingency stickers that NASCAR issues to all the teams. NASCAR.... How bad do you got it????


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2cool. I don't have any pics but I used to have mine covered with NHRA contingency stickers.
I bet with all them stickers that added....5 HP:biggrin: Now you just need to add wheelie bars.
That reminds me of that Tim Allen standup when the wife is waving him in while he's
mowing laps because he's losing oil! haha
You may have me on the mower but I'll betcha my bar stool is faster than yours !


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Does that mower come with the model's? :D
Optional. Wanna know how much?
I have always been told,"If you have to ask its too much". So......................
You already had the answer. LOL
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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