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A prelude:

25 years ago my mom woke me up and said "play sick, we're going fishing". So I played sick and after my brother left the house, we loaded up the car to go fishing. That day we caught 2 brown trout, a 10lb male and a 12lb female, in full spawning regalia. We tossed the fish in the freezer and managed to get them mounted 5 years later. Fast forward another 5 years and I'm in college with no way to keep these fish around with my lifestyle, so I gave them to my biology professor at the local community college.

Last month I emailed a faculty member about them and it turns out they're still hanging in a classroom, he said I'm welcome to have them back.

Finally I got the logistics worked out and today my fish have come home, after I gave them away 16 years ago. They reek of formaldehyde or some other preservative and are looking a little dull.

Does anyone know the best way to restore a "skin mount" fish to it's original luster? I was thinking Armorall or something similar with a healthy amount of glycerin in it.
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