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Berkley Gulp Shrimp??

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I've been using them lately and have had some luck on them. Anyone else use them and what is your technique using them. I've been rigging them under a popping cork like you do with a live shrimp, with a smaller hook wormed through them coming out of there backs like a DOA, instead of hooked in there horn like a live one. Anyone had any luck on these things??? Thanks guys for your replys
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I have had some luck using them like a regular tail. The trick is to keep the lure active so no trash fish are caught.
Thanks Mark! take it easy
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No, I havn't tried them yet thanks for the imfo. I'll give them a try and let you know.
Fished 'em with a regular jig head, and worked 'em like a tail / sand eel...good luck with reds.
used the 3" New Piggy style. Rigged it with a 1/4 oz jig head, bounced it off bottom caught the first 2 fish I've ever caught in salt water with an artificial. 2 ok sized whiting but no one else was catching anything so I was happy, I've always been a live bait guy but am now attempting to make the transition to arti's. Good Luck! PM if you have any luck under the cork, I'm very interested in hearing different styles
Used them with some success rigging under a popping cork on a 1/16 oz head and also just rigging them like a regular plastic.......bait stealers will tear them up if you don't keep it moving
I used them (4") and a gulp crab last Saturday in Port Aransas under a Texas Rattlin Rig (popping cork) and had some hits but no takers but it was a tough day fishing also.
I rigged like tube bait with a 5/0 Mustad wide gap bass hook and picked up the retrieve a little quicker than live shrimp. I will advise that when they dry after use they're like shoe leather to get off the hook.Tight lines.
I fish them carolina rigged as I do bass. Just be sure to give a good hook set to get through the plastic of the worm and hold on!
I caught a couple nice size trout when they were not taking the regular plastics. They smashed the white 4" shrimps when casted on a jig hook, hitting before reaching bottom. Went to Gander today to look for them but they were out. Hot bait, but pricey. Going to test the Berkely Saltwater 18x scented line, and the DOA "stuffed with bait fish" brands as a cheaper alternative. (half the price).
Ya I havent built up the nerve to buy the gulp bait yet. I think I will buy twice as many D.O.A baits.
Wading Mark said:
I have had some luck using them like a regular tail. The trick is to keep the lure active so no trash fish are caught.
the gulpies work great too bad the piggys like to seek and destroy them!!
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