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Looking for some help guys.

My SBE is about 2000 vintage. Hunted it lots. The first five years I had it I averaged over 40 days per season.

It shot fine during dove season, but got a tad dry in the field. All I had to shoot in it was some white lithium grease so that's what I used. Worked fine, but was gunked/dirty by the end of the day.

Went to clean it before the duck opener last weekend when I reassembled it I had a problem.

When the chamber is empty and a shell is released from the magazine and then the bolt is shifted, the bolt hangs in the "back" position and doesn't push forward and close without either 1) pushing ahead on the bolt..........or two pushing up from the botton of the magazine.

I replaced the spring in the buttstock last year. Think it is weak or fouled? I'm gonna check now.

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