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I have now pretty much decided on the BTX. I want the tiller motor because its cheaper and for the fact that I am looking for "keep simple stupid".My question is those of you that have the tiller: what are the pros and cons? Is is hard to steer? hard to trim up when taking of? Do you have a tunnel? Any info would help. Thanks PLOZO

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I have a 50 E-tec tiller on a Beavertail Bare Bones model.

Pros - simple, tons of room in the cockpit, absolutely the quickest reaction times.

Cons - Not as comfortable, maybe lower resale (you would have to have someone specifically looking for a tiller), more dangerous, some tournaments will not allow tillers

As far as being hard to steer, on rare occasion I will get in a certain trim, load, wind situation where it pulls some, but most of the time I can let go of the handle and it would go for miles.

All that being said, I absolutely love my tiller (that's why I bought it)

Don't know where you are at, but if you want to take a ride/drive in mine let me know. As far as I know I have one of the few Beavertail tillers in Texas.

The Btx is a cool model. If I were ever to sell mine, that is what I would get next. Keep in mind Beavertail will make you a B2 model in tiller as well.

Go Beavertail!
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