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Beat the Heat

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Took my boss fishing Saturday night for alittle night fishing next to our favorite bridge to beat the heat. Current was ripping in all night along with tons of trout smacking all over. We honestly left them biting. Tally was 20 specks from 16" to 21" and a few monster sand trout that pushed 16". All takers were iced on pearl cocahoes,not the glow ones.

If any of you guys wanna take some kiddos or someone who can't handle the heat for a treat? Night fishing is on in full force bro's.

Sorry no pictures.Sent them all home with the boss to clean! LOL He said he wanted to have a fish fry!
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No but I got one a few months back! lol
Thanks for the report!
Beat the heat

Great report and a smart way to fish,

Were you using lights? If so what type and set up?
Did you take all the fish off?I would have cleaned 'em for my boss.lmao
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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