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If this is considered bad taste to discuss while this is so fresh, please delete....

Looking at the AOL 500 pics of Gilchrist, 1 obvious thought (besides intense sadness for those who've lost their dream houses and memory location) that I havent heard explained/discussed.

All that storm surge penned up in the massive Trinity Bay system and main Galveston Bay might have done more damage leaving than coming ashore, and might be a partial explanation to add on to the "dirty side" reason of why the devastation on Bolivar.

And 1 thing I start to question based on soil-and-water classes way back when at A&M (I am not an Engineer, so asking all the bright minds on this board).

Did the beach restoration sand tubes add to the devestation? I see them as nonstable dams, with many breaches where water would start to rush at more velocity, both outwards and sidewards with all the water dammed up trying to leave the bay system.

And I am amazed those tubes held together as much as they did. I thought they would have disappeared at first high tide.

Again, please delete if too soon to discuss these types of things.
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