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Be Extra Cautious This Holiday Weekend

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Be Extra Cautious This Holiday Weekend...driving and/or boating.

We already have a 2Cooler with a family member under the scrutiny of the law (possibly DWI).

My bro just called from the Tyler area. He lives by the lakes.

He got pulled over near his subdivision for making an exceptionally wide right turn??? (I think it was just a troll stop to check things out)

It's for your own good if they pull ya over, but please don't give them an excuse to do it.

Remember, who ever is in the car (even if just you!) is precious cargo.

Drive responsibly, or get/call a designated driver.

If you need a back up, our numbers are on my profile (put them in your phone), and I have a cell phone programmed full of 2Coolers' numbers that can help you out. Don't hesitate to call.

Wishing a happy and safe 4th of July to all.

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Thanks Pam. It's always good to have a little reminder this time of year. We are headed up to the Lake Texoma area on Sunday afternoon to visit Miss Pam's folks. We'll be leaving the adult beverages home for the trip. Course now I may hang a lip over a cold one once we get there but not on the road.

I suppose most of us have driven a car when we shouldn't have. I am guilty of it myself. But I don't do it any more. I've never had so much to lose in my entire life. Now is the time to play it smart and stay safe.

Every one please be careful on the roads out there. Be safe and we'll all meet back here after the holiday is over.

Happy 4th!
Listen Up! to Bay Gal

Hope everyone has a very happy 4th of July holiday weekend! BUT BE SAFE!!

Great post Pam. Make sure everyone with kids of driving age pass it along to them too.

Spoke with my Mom the other day and she told me that when the high school by her (upstate, NY) held graduation last week there were 9 empty seats for students who had been killed in car wrecks in the past couple months & every one was alcohol related!

Jr went to a funeral last week for a friend who was thrown out of a pickup bed going 75mph on the way home from a party. It's got him spooked and with any luck it's a lesson that will stick with him forever.

Thanks Bay Gal..
WhiteH20_Princess said:
Hope everyone has a very happy 4th of July holiday weekend! BUT BE SAFE!!

Exactly! Have fun, but be SAFE!!!
Father in heaven,i ask that YOU Bless every person out on the highways and biways with a hedge of protection around them and their vehicles as they drive this weekend, And around those watercraft also that are out on Your Mighty oceans and lakes and rivers.We thank You Lord for the safety that You are providing, In Jesus Name, AMEN
Wish I could make my son understand this point. Even after just having his wreck, he still thinks he can handle everything. He just does not understand that it is the other guys and gals out there he needs to watch.

There are just too many folks out there that just don't pay any attention what they are doing when they are driving. They are doing too many other things and then add in all the drunks and it turns our roadways into battle fields.

I wish that each and every 2cooler and their families has a very happy and safe 4th, and remember to watch out for that other person when you are out on the road.
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