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Well the BBC was fun, and untold stories will bring many laughs over a beer in the near future. We Tag and released one blue about 250# on the last day, and caught several other no point species, but in all the tournament was a blast. We had several ****** knockdowns the first day, but large tournament baits and the high speed troll made for a horrible hookup ratio and we didn't tag a single one of the little bast----s. I think I drank enough to garuantee myself a wonderful and very short life (all in good fun though). Of the 77 boats that fished the 4 day tournament there were only 44 blues caught. Of which only 4 were greased, and 699# took big fish. All in all a great experience, and I hope to fish it again someday when I have some more time.
I will attach photos once I get time to compress them.
Good to see lots of bills being raised in the Gulf
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