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Bayou Vista

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Does anyone have any idea how Bayou Vista faired. Have family house there. Thanks in advance ya'll keep your heads up and prayers go to all of ya'll on the GC.
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Was helping my dad clean/get to his place yesterday in BV, it looks like a war zone! He lives on Dolphin (i think thats the name of his street)... There was a blue bass boat in his driveway (sitting upright), and another boat between his house and the fence. It appears the water was +/- 6-7' in the bottom floor. Mud everywhere.

Watch for nails if headed that way..

Also noted that Marine shop on the left as you come into BV that had 6-8 glacier bay style boats out in front, you can see them about 1,000yds back across that little bay area some still on the trailer. They must have floated across with the trailers attached.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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