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Bayou Vista-

Most of the houses on the upper end of the streets got very minor damage. The farther down the street, the more the damage. The last ten to fifteen houses from the end have severe damage to the lower level. My second level is o.k. can't find any damage or water leaks. My lower level was completely enclosed and furnished. All of the exterior and interior walls are gone, maybe up on I 45. All of our personal belongings and furnishings are also gone, did find a breakfast chair on Neptune, 7/10's of a mile from the house. All of the neighbors lower levels are gone, or they received major damage. No water or power for at least four weeks, maybe six. We need to keep those folks in our prayers, some have no place else to go, I'm lucky and we can stay with my son for a while.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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