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Haven't taken my boat out since October last year, just haven't had the time. Son is down to visit before his return to Iraq, so dusted it off and fired it up.

Took my son and WhiteH2O_Princess to Bastrop Bayou this morning. Started at the boat ramp on FM2004 (Looks nice and new - except for the deer carcass left in the garbage bag rotting in the parking lot).

Saw a LARGE alligator who wasn't real happy with us fishing in his honey hole so we moved on. Saw a few smaller ones here and there.

Lot's and lot's of mullet up to and at the intersection of Austin Bayou (I think).

Picked up 1 flounder pushing 19", forgot the camera so no pics.

First time to try fishbites, added them to the sand eels and started picking up gafftop - no more fishbites for me.

Nice boat ride, but not alot biting today on Bastrop Bayou.
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