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So there is a miss-print in the recent BP mailer......do they have to honor it?

Not going to say which item......You can read it to figure it out....

Might hve to give them a call tomorrow and find out......

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No, they do not have to honor it if its a legitimate or obvious misprint but it never hurts to try. Be polite about it and lean on the fact that you drove all the way to the store from across town just because of the Ad just don't be to disappointed if you get nothing for your trouble.

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Don't talk to me about these yahoo's...I'm still ticked at them. I went there last Friday to get a FoxPro digital caller. They were out of the 32 call FX3 but had the 16 call XR6. The FX3 retails for $399.99 and the XR6 for $319.95.

I COULD have used the XR6 but the idiots had both the FX3 and the XR6 priced $399.99 (even their **** website has them the same price).

I asked to talk to their manager. Asked if they had any predator hunters on staff. Everything to try to get them to understand that their price on the XR6 was incorrect. No doing. Their computer shows the same price for both. The website shows the same price for both...it's the right price.

F'n idiots....I should have gave up and walked out but I just spent half of what I had planned too and got a Johhnny Stewar Prey Master with additional sound cartridges instead....Like I said..idiots...


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They might honor it. It depends om how bad it is. They apparently had a misprint in there Fall Master Catalog I truly thought it was legit(basically a sale price that was not suppose to be a sale price) and I drove all the way over there. They showed that low a price nowhere else. However, they did honor the price in the catalog.

BTW...I looked at the current online flyer and saw no crazy good deals.

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Let's see -

I bought a scope and paid for them to mount it. Scope not mounted properly causing it to damage when fired.

Asked BP Archery Dept. to tune my bow. Pins bent upon return and had to tune myself.

Stood at register for 1 hour while the Sales person kept messing up a simple credit card transaction. First charged me the full price, not the sale price. Then when I pointed out his mistake - he charge me the second time - but didn't void the first sale. By the time all was done he charged me 12 times and credited me 11.

Frankly, Bass Pro could give me stuff for free …. And I'd still worry it didn't live up to expectations.
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