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Bait trouble

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This quesiton seems stupid but it's worth a shot. When I go offshore I waste so much live bait because it falls off either before it gets to the bottom or as soon as Im on the bottom. I use frozen bait, usually sardines, and have tried hooking them a variety of ways. Through the head seems to work the best, but very often the body just falls off before I can get a bite. Does anyone have tips so that I don't go through bait so fast. its unbelievable how the things hate to stay on.
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I Always Thought This Was The Reason

the Lord made squid! LOL j/k. I don't know. I was going to say insert the sardine in a small pocket section of old panty hose (SP?) and then send it down. Put the hook through both eye sockets and send it down SLOW. CF?
Exactly. I experienced the same thing. What worked for me best was fishing them whole, threading the hook into their mouth and out one of the gills trying not to "damage" it and then pulling out some slack and sticking the tail end on the hook. They still were to soft to stay on long but getting it to the bottom fast and being ready for the hit right away was key.
i'm by no means an offshore kinda guy

but could you possibly bind them on with some floss??
Are you using sardines in mustard or tomato sauce? :slimer:
Good One.

Hard Head said:
Are you using sardines in mustard or tomato sauce? :slimer:
:slimer: :slimer: :slimer:
Hard Head said:
Are you using sardines in mustard or tomato sauce? :slimer:
LOL... Capt. Skip specials? Man that was a funny story.

Hopefully Ol' Skip has no problems catching now.
Hook live bait thru lips (i'm guessing u use perch, small triggers & hardtails) or behind anal fin, not in the nostrils.

For dead bait use bonita strips from 6"-12" long by 1"-2" wide. Put the head on the biggest outfit u got and keep 5-10 cranks off the bottom.

Hopefully this will help u get baits past the pesky triggers that are cleaning you're hooks;)
Add more weight to send it past the triggers. Also, try keeping your sardines only partially thawed. Once they thaw they are mush.
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