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Arrived at Baffin late Monday night and met up with Capt Black and his Dad. After a few fishing stories and rigging up our rods for the next days adventure it was bedtime. We were all so tired we couldn’t even make it through the home run derby.

The aroma of freshly brewed coffee woke us up at 4:30am and after a rib sticking breakfast of chorizo and potato tacos we were off to the boat ramp. Light winds and flat water made for a smooth ride to our first spot of the day. After a crash course on the layout of the area we all hop out of the boat and begin our wade. As usual Capt Black was the first to hookup. A few minutes later Aubrey’s Dad was giving him some competition. Then it was Zebco’s (Dad) and my turn to on the action. It didn’t matter what you put on the hook; topwater or plastic of any color the fish were there. Dad caught his biggest trout (20 inches) on a sparkly blue piece of plastic from the clearance bin. We all couldn’t believe it. About 9:00am the wind layed down, the sun was hot and the action slowed down. Capt Black waded toward us and said, "I have an idea. Let’s beat this heat and go fish at midnight." I said, "What? Wade around in the dark?" :eek: Well, it didn’t take much arm twisting because fishing is fishing. Day or night it’s all good. :smile: Now mind you, the sun was nice and bright when we made this decision. Let’s just say when the sun goes down and there is no moon it’s a whole new ballgame. :biggrin: We ended the morning with 10 trout all over 20 inches.

Baffin after dark.....To be continued tomorrow.......


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