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What a beautiful ship Fishman! My biggest problem was to stay away from all the delicious food! I can remember the wonderful breakfast, then the 11 am break with fruits, cheeses and many choices of breads. Then we were served lunch. When we entered the dining room we immediately saw a huge pig, filled with fruits, nuts and slices of pork. By suppertime you tried to make up your mind whether to eat or just let the what you've already had be sufficent. By 11 pm you could join in with the other passengers sipping champagne and other goodies at the buffet.

That is a good sized ship you were on. Did you go to their theatre and watch movies? That's where I saw "Ghost" for the first time.

I've been wondering about your Mom and how she's doing. Sometime it might be a nice thing to jot down all the special things you can remember that she's done for you. Turn if into to card with a title similar to "Just a few of the reasons that I love you so much". Moms do wonder if they were any real help to their children in their growing up years.

Hope you tell us more about your cruise.

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Bubba, I bet your legs are whiter than mine! :)

AJ, To sum it up, I was Jed Clampett in Hollywood

I put on a suit for the first time in 2 years, (last time was a funeral) and that was for the Captains dinner.

Sensible eating was out the door. I ate for 3 days like I used to. May 05 I weighed 253 and I now weigh 212. I ordered 2 appetizers, 2 entrees, and 2 desserts each night which I enjoyed so much. However, I am back to sensible eating and I wont allow myself to get that heavy again.

So much to do on the big boat. Many lounges with different music, dining rooms, theatre, comedy, casino, basketball goal, pools, cookouts by the pool, spa, massages, you name it, you could have it.

Nassau...not impressed with it although we only had time to be tourons and see the tourist shops. Got to eat in the Hard Rock Cafe in Nassau.

Private island...CocoCay was great. We went kayaking and snorkleing. Totally awsome.

Huge ship, 880 feet long, at least 12 stories high. Over 2300 passengers from 27 countries on the ship and a staff of 887 representing 57 countries.

Never wanted to go on a cruise but since the wife earned it I went. Figured I would be bored too. Well.........I enjoyed it and wish I could have stayed on for a 7 day cruise.

I may never get that chance again but its something everyone should get to experience. The pics are us ready for the Captains Dinner and that is my Moms sister we saw in Orlando.

(BTW, Mom is in an assisted living home and has adjusted well. She is happy, and now lives 3 miles from my sister and 4 miles from my work. The stroke was caught early and we see no visable damage)


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