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Back cushion

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Just bought a used Baystealth. It has a cushion on the live well lid in front of the console. My question is, how could I go about attaching a cushion so my wife or son could lean back comfortably? I thought of getting one of those ice chest cushions that has the snaps Then adding some snaps to the front of the console and just snappiong it on. What do ya'll think? I would appreciate any ideas. Keep 'em tight.
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My Baystealth came with a back cushion. It snaps down onto the console.
Velcro works good. Get the wide heavy duty stuff.
Ditto what Ditto said.LOL Talk to a Bay Stealth dealer and see if they can order one from VIP. The cushions are different on the liner models and the rolled-gunnels so be sure you give them the model number of your boat.

Welcome to the Bay Stealth Bunch, G
Thanks G. Love my Baystealth, first big boat I've owned.
Boat Superstore in Seabrook on Nasa 1 is the local VIP dealer. Or go directly to the manufacturer - Vivian Industries in LA.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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