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Aviators next to your name ...

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Hey Guys ,

You have all seen some Aviators next to some of our names , anyone is welcome to put one there , there is a list of ones you can choose from or you can make your own -- If you have trouble making your own -- I am sure we all can pitch in and help ....

Show off your aviator here =)
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Do you mean aviator ( plane pilot), or avatar (funny picture) LOL :) ;) :p :slimer:

I got one that I wanted to use, but it told me that it was too big. :(
I have a file resizing program that takes about two seconds to use. If you send me the file and tell me how big it has to be, I can probably resize it for you, Dude (I just had to call you Dude...) you are my sauger catchin' hero...
Aviators? Ugggh bad memories from the Army days..Aviators will drop you in a wrong DZ in a heartbeat, and you cant argue with them, heck they are gone, makes for a long/interesting trip in the jungle when they do that. And once they pick you up, you are so happy to see them, all is forgiven. But there have been a few days that I swore i would kill a couple of them...grrrr still makes me mad
I would be glad to helpout

If you have an image you would like to use you can post the image or send it to me. If you just have an idea of what you would like to use just speak up and I might be able to find one that you like.
I never said I could spell ...
I tried

I tried to add it here, it is the same avatar that I use on a couple of other forums, but here it has to be 75 X 75. :(


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Is that the one you wanted to use ?
I'd like to..
Looks like your gonna need someone better than I --- can reduce the size , however I lose the animation -- Can someone help us out ?
here's my attempt. I think I lost the animation too...


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Here try this

I resized it
Now you have to love Bobby's Avatar ...
The animation was working now its not
Found the problem I think

I think I found the problem lets see
I also slowed it down some
They all look like they are working to me =)
IT'S ALIVE! Thank you Bobby, Catfish, and whoever else attempted this that I don't know about. I LIKE. :) :) :)
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