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Auto repair in Friendswood

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Can anyone recommend a good honest, fair priced place to take my old 1988
Toyota to have some work done in Friendswood. Minor stuff like Water pump replacement and have the A/C checked out. Thanks
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Go talk to James at Mustang Auto on 518 right next to the Goodyear tire place. We get all our company vehicles serviced there and I trust James to do the job right the first time. Hope this helps.

Mike Sherman
Leaving Friendswood heading to Pearland, that place on the right about a mile past 2351. They are honest people and do good work. I cant think of the name, but that is the only place I take my car.
Topes on 518. Good honest folks. My wife has used them for 10 years. I like Condor in Pearland as well.
You might try Ken's Auto Repair. It's kind of behind the Dairy Queen. We have had then do several things on our cars and he seems honest and fair.
I've always had good service and fair prices with Mustang Auto here in town
Friendswood auto repair

go to mustang auto, james and company are as fair as anyone and do good work
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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