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Since our 30 year class reunion is in two weeks and it was at our 20 yr.class reunion that we hooked up .
I just want everyone to know what a wonderful husband I have.
If it weren't for him I would never have experienced the great outdoors as I have in the past 10 years of our marriage.
He handed me my first gun to shoot my very first deer. Seeing how easy that was, I asked for something more challenging , he gave me a bow! I killed my next deer and first turkey with it.
I want to thank him for the patience he has showed me through out those years. He taught me everything .
Camping with out water, electricity etc.. were hard for me at first, he had to listen to me complain, but I did it!
We've had many memorable fishing trips too ! He asked me to marry him at the big POC jetties. I had to say "yes" or I'd be shark bait!
Our first trip together in Cozumel was wonderful. BUT...sleeping under the stars all those nights in the back of the truck and on the boat with him were the most magical moments for me. So, Thank you honey for my wonderful life. I'll always love you. Oh, sorry if I have embarrassed you !


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Wow, very cool. Sounds like you two were made (or are still being made ;)) for each other.
You're a lucky man, Capt Leroy. Congrats and Happy Anniversary!!!
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