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Attention Bolivar property owners

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To speed your trip just a little, Galveston County has posted returning information and a form to fill out before you return. If you print and fill out the form ahead of time you may save a little time.

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Just got back from our house and it was there but the damage in the area is undiscribable. As far as the forms we were not asked for it,they just wanted proof of ownership. Hit High Island and get your free tetnis/flu shot and you are good to go. I got 4 walls and a roof but had 3' of water in the house. JokersWild was in the yard but looked to be tost it will be along time to come back but we will be back cuz we are beach people and thats were we are from!!!!

Benny thanks for the legos you found in the mess....nice meeting you and hope we can go fishing one day.

Bobby be careful and good luck with the mess you might have a new porch around the house.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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