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Moonraker and I went headed off to Aransas Pass on Saturday, December 19th looking for trout and redfish.....Well.....the weather was perfect, cold and calm....strong tides....murky water conditions on Saturday resulted in over 100 dink trout and only 6 keepers...with multiple misses...LOL....

Sunday morning was beautiful with calm winds and little tide till 9am. We fished ICW and one other of my secret holes...I ran David over less than 2 feet of water in my ranger bass boat enough to make him nervous....I kicked up a mud trail, but there are no shell reefs in area. We caught trout on about every cast...or atleast lost them at the boat...

Overall slow weekend in my opinion, even though we caught and released over 100 dink trout and only 10 solid keepers. I feel like the extremely high tides kept us from catching the sow trout. Overall, I would not of changed anything. We had a good time with porposies chasing our trout back to the boat. It was the first time for David to see that crazy action by some smart porposies...especially looking face to face with them at the boat, with nice trout on....They would appear right at boat, looking up...waiting for us to release the undersized fish to them...I have seen them slap their tails, blow thru their blow hole, right next to boat before...as though they are trying to get our attention. I respect them, and not bother with them...Just super cool to watch them play!!!!

LURE OF CHOICE: H&H Red Sparkly Beetle, out fished live shrimp!!!
WATER TEMP: 56 degrees.
WATER CLARITY: Murky on Saturday, Clear on Sunday AM.
WEATHER: Clear both days, windier on Saturday, but no wind on Sunday. Highs near 60 degrees, lows near 40 degrees.
HOTEL: Super 8 in Aransas Pass for $52 per night with double beds. Ran extension cord thru window to boat parked right outside window. Tell them Robert from Austin sent you for this special rate. Boat parking out back...and lighted!
TOTALS: Saturday, caught and released a lot of undersized trout on red beetles. Only 6 keeper trout to 18 inches. Sunday, Caught and released over 100 trout and kept only 4 keepers to 18". All caught on Red Beetles.
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