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Well, we worked hard, covered alot of water and used alot of different lures. Didn't catch much fish, but had a lot of fun. We started Sat. morning at 6:30 and motored to the CA hole. On the edge of the channel before you go into the CA hole, there was baitfish busting everywhere. Lots of boats were fishing the channel, we waded in the knee deep shallows and nothing.

We went into the CA hole and drifted to Estes flats. We caught 6 trout (1 keeper on a DOA, 5 small ones on Strike King 3X white Zulu) and that was it. We dropped the wives off at 1:00 and fished South Bay. Caught 1 small red on mullet and that was it. Called it a day at 5:00.

After the storm cleared out Sun. morning, we tried South Bay Again about 8:00. Again, baitfish were going crazy, and I am pretty sure I saw some tailing reds. We threw everything at them including the Kitchen Sink, but could not get a bite. Then about 20 dolphins came in and started tearing the water up. We quit about 11:00.

We'll try again in 3 weeks, we plan on making a trip down 9/25-9/26. Thanks for all ya'lls help, sorry I let you down!
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