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Glen and I headed to Aransas Pass on Saturday, near noontime. Arrived at Conn Brown Harbor at 4pm. When we were headed down there, the fields were full of rain water!!! I was worried about too much fresh water. At the ramp, there was a guy (Chris, called the fish cleaning man by locals) and came over to talk to us. He said that the redfish bite was in SKINNY water, but noticed my boat could not get into that water. When I asked about trout fishing, he said that the trout bite has been scarce since last summertime. And recommended us to put the boat back on the trailer and head to a bar for a beer or two...LOL...
Well, since I have been fishing Aransas Pass since 1978, I had never heard of a problem catching trout...So off we head at 4:15pm to our first spot off the ICW. The water was extremely high, considering the Northerly winds. Water temp was near 60 degrees. Air temp was near 50 degrees. Winds were light out of the North. First several drifts, resulted in dink trout on about every cast. Fished till 5:30pm.
Glen caught two keeper trout to 17.5" on Red Beetle with 3/8oz jig head fished in 10 foot of water.
I caught a 29.80" Oversize Redfish on same lure..
Both of us caught and released nearly 100 dinks trout during this time. Most of them right at 15" or just below. We only keep trout at 15.5", incase they shrink on ice.
Launched at 6:30AM. Headed to a place I ALWAYS catch fish on topwater, but there was no bait or mullet working. So, no fish caught between 6:45am and 7:15am. Headed back to area we worked on Saturday evening. Immediately started catching trout (Dinks and keepers), Rat Reds, sheephead and Black Drum...All on Red Beetles. We tried GULP and other styles of plastics with Chart/Pumpkin with no results. Went back to Red Beetles.
THIS WAS A FISH CATCHING DAY! Ok, we caught a fish on every cast for 2 straight hours, then about every other cast a fish, till 5:30pm.....Now this sounds like a fish story, but GLEN witnessed it and told me if I would of reported me catching one every cast, then he would call it a major fish story. I would guess, if I caught one on every cast for 2 straight hours, or 1 fish every 1 minute...equals over 100 trout in just two hours X 10 hours....sounds like a fish story...but we caught and release over 300-400 dink trout....and probably more...
TOTALS for Sunday:
Glen caught about 8 keeper trout to 18" and a few rat reds.
I caught a limit of trout to 17", 15 rat reds, 1 undersized black drum and 9 sheepshead to 15"...All on the red beetle.
Glen complained about his wrist hurting and arm from setting the hook on so many fish....WISH I HAD MY VIDEO CAMERA!
Both days, the fish were hanging off a spoil bank in 10-15 feet of water, adjacent to ICW. They would hold about 20 feet off the bank in the deeper water. Look for pelican hitting the water and porpoises working the water. This is a great sign trout are in the area. Throw along the edge of channel. My big redfish hit in 2 feet of water and was on for about 15 minutes.
REEL/ROD with 14lb Trilene XT Green, with no leader. No break-offs.

PS: From my NW Austin home to Conn Brown Harbor Ramp, 204 miles or 3 hours, 30 minutes in driving with one stop. Home by 9PM (Sunday night)
Trip Cost:
Gas for pulling vehicle: $100.00
Gas for boat: $10.00
Hotel with boat parking and double beds, two miles from ramp: $52 plus tax.
Food/Drinks for 2 adults: $50.00
Not counting all the lures and etc...the cost per person was only $110 per person...not bad since catching so many fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

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