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anyone tried the Bronco Burrito in League City?

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they are right across main street from Academy. Best $5 breakfast in town if you ask me. I get the "no beans" Bronco burrito. Good stuff!
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Yes, a friend of mine named Hondo owns it. He is a good guy and a great family man. Their family also owns the one that has serviced Galveston for years. There is no better breakfast burrito anywhere IMHO.
I like the whole concept, it's not fast food. It's good food cooked to order, very quickly. I may double up on the Chorizo next time though ;) The home made hot sauce is to die for, but use it sparingly, -vbg-
Mont said:
they are right across main street from Academy. Best $5 breakfast in town if you ask me. I get the "no beans" Bronco burrito. Good stuff!
Hey Boss, pluuuzzeee don't eat any before we go hangout in the travel trailer, LMAO... Beans or not, wooohoooo, me can see the fumes.... :biggrin:
Great Stuff and you get your moneys worth!!

I would like to see them include ham and maybe a sausage selection.
I dont know if its the same bronco burrito that the "Donut Shop" on broadway in Galveston sells. But thats the best burrito I have ever had. I make the drive once a week from texas city

Seeing as how I work in League City now, I just may hafta stop in there and check it out! Yummmmy!
Yea, I heard they have opened shop up here. The one in Galveston used to be good, May need to go give them a try after nights...
same place. been eating at the one in galveston for the last 14 years.

tcbayman said:
I dont know if its the same bronco burrito that the "Donut Shop" on broadway in Galveston sells. But thats the best burrito I have ever had. I make the drive once a week from texas city
Well guys and gals...want a giant burrito? Try the Mercado on 38th and Brdy, order a "surprise burrito" and watch them build it ! IT"S MASSIVE !!! talk about big ! Its the size of 2.5 Broncos at least and very very tasty ! Mark my words they build them HUGE! It contains potatos,eggs,chorizo (or not your choice) beans, cheese,bacon and sliced ham!
You can order it any way you like though...Fair warning its not for the small appetites !!
I'll be in that area tomorrow morning might have to give it a try!
I'll have to give it a try. Especially since I won't frequent the 'taco hut' next to the bank any longer.
Haven't tried it but will in the near future. Getting tired of Whataburger and McDonald's breakfast.
Thanks for the tip....
Took one into work this morning...everyone was very jealous!LOL

Da*nation it was good.:biggrin:
I walked in there and ordered one this morning on my way to work. I told them I heard about the place on a fishing website. I even told them which one. Told them they better be ready for a whole bunch of fishermen to come in looking for food on their way to Galveston, LOL.

I talked with Hondo for a few minutes while I waited for my breakfast burrito to be made (eggs, taters, bacon, beans, cheese = $2.99 + tax).

I asked Hondo if he'd ever read on the 2Cool website. He said no, but he listens to the early morning fishing radio program on 610. I asked him if he heard the program a couple of weekends ago when 2 ladies were on there with Capt Wayne Vinton. He said, yes he did. I told him I'm Mrs. Backlasher, and he grinned real big.

I told him how Laura had bid on the pleasure of being on the radio program to help out Zac, then told him how we had a fishing tournament before that for Ginger, then the fishing tournament for Zac and that ChiefCharlie and Robs won the drawing for the radio program at that tournament.

Hondo seemed happy that a group of fishermen and -women are helping out folks. I really enjoyed my visit with him. And then my breakfast burrito was ready, and off I went. But I did get a copy of their menu. :wink:

Bronco Breakfast Burritos Menu
Open 5:30 AM - noon 7 days a week
Phone 281-554-8470 or Fax 281-554-8152
If you call in or fax in your order, you can pick up your food at the drive-thru.

Burrito Items - Eggs, Potatoes, Chorizo, Bacon, Beans, Cheese

Extra Bacon or Chorizo - 75 cents + tax
Extra Egg, Cheese, Potatoes, Beans - 50 cents + tax

1 item - $2.03 + tax
2 items - 2.27
3 items - 2.51
4 items - 2.75
5 items - 2.99

Bronco Burrito - all 6 items $3.23 + tax

They also have Special Burritos, Plates, Drinks, and Fresh Tamales, but I'll let you call in for those items and prices.

Bronco Burritos is located in the shopping center across the street from Academy.

What a FANTASTIC breakfast burrito. It was too big to hold in my hands, so I had to cut it into several pieces to eat it. It was a treat, and it kept me from getting hungry at all during the day. I highly recommend the place.
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The shopping center that has Kroger?
Yes in that center ,but facing Main St.
Well, this morning I stopped in again for my breakfast burrito. I asked Hondo if he had a rush of fishermen come by for breakfast burritos this morning on their way to Galveston. He said it WAS really busy this morning. I told him we're still talking about the great burritos on 2CoolFishing.com. He said he's very grateful for us getting out the word.

I got the regular burrito again (but I left off the beans this time - heh, heh!) and added a cup of coffee - good coffee. Made my way to the car. I'm in the Blazer with the kayak racks for 2 on top.

As I'm getting into the Blazer, a man and woman walk around it and head toward the Bronco Burrito. The man looks back at me and said "Are you on the 2Cool website?" I said "Yes, I am." He said "You're Mrs. B, aren't you?" I confessed.

It was "Stay Bent" and his wife (I think her name is Tammy). If I'd had my camera, I'd have taken their photo. He said he read this post on 2Cool and thought they'd try out the burritos. I said "Great! Be sure to tell them you heard about it on 2Cool."

Hey, if we all tell them we found out about the place on 2Cool, Mont might get another sponsor!
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Hello again Mrs. B. It was good to personally meet someone of 2cool fame.(Radio and all)
Thanks Monte for the original post. That is truly a "Great" burrito. I wanted my own, but my wife wanted to share. (I still ate most of her half)
I spoke with the man inside(Hondo) and he said thanks for getting the word out and that he appreciates the support of 2cool. (He said he was a sponsor)
Considering how close it is, I see myself making a few purchases a month.
FOF - Were they open on your way to work? If so, I'll definately be buying some burritos in the near future.
i had their burrtio sat morning its was great!!! I drove in from pearland just to give it a shot, It was very good and the prices where great for the size of the burrito! Thanks for the suggestion!!!
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