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My name is Lorne Fox. I've been away from the board for quite a while but I'm back and doing well. I had a rather nasty fight with brain cancer, but since I fight hard (and REAL dirty) my only deficit is some lost feeling and a slight "retarding", if you will, of my left hand. Other than that life is great. I have found the love of my life, Valerie, and we reside in southeast Texas. I'm also adopting two beautiful sons, Cameron and Ryan. The boys and I are runnin away for the weekend...leaving this afternoon. Time to teach these little tick-turds how to fish the saltwater.:D Not sure yet where we're going, since the majority of my fishing has been from Rockport and then south. Any suggestions or anyone wanting wanting to meet up give us a holler. We just might end up around the Port A or Aransas Pass area if nothing else.
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