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Anyone heading to Jamaica Beach tomorrow (Tues)?

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It sounds like Jamaica Beach residents are being allowed on the Island for a L&L, and I think tomorrow is the best day...before the long lines start on Wednesday when Galveston is opened up.

We have a place on the beach in Jamaica Beach so I am thinking of heading down tomorrow. However, I don't have anyone to go with me, and I'd rather not do it alone. There is a strong chance that our stairs are gone, so I may need to climb up to the 2nd floor, and I don't want to do that by myself. Also I would like to bring my ladder, but I have a very small car.

If anyone is heading down and would like some company, I will be glad to meet you somewhere if I can ride along with you. I will also be happy to drive someone else, but like I said my car is very small so that isn't ideal.

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Jam Beach

Bring your IDs and tax statement or electric bill-the old man cop-I call him Barney Fife-has been very mean and rude to everyone (he always seems to have a chip on his shoulder), while all other LEOs have been very nice. I lost my stairwell (across the street and three houses down) and used a ladder-your neighbors will likely have one you can use-I suggest you bring a can of fix-a-flat-I have a low tire and my brother got a flat. Get a tetanus shot-I stepped on a nail yesterday. Went saturday (took 18 minutes to get thru the check point on 45) and yesterday (took 15 minutes). Bring clorox clean-up and tilex for fridge-all downstairs areas at 99% of the houses are either completely gone or severely damaged-my parents on Sand Piper have nothing left downstairs. I lost my north facing downstairs wall (Jamaica Cove Road) and my west facing windows and SHUTTERS on downstairs blew out-shutters were laying on ground-glass all over and my brother lost his east facing downstairs wall (Jamaica Cove Road). Another brother lost his complete downstairs at Sea Isle-you can see the canals from the street at his house and my parents, whereas before they had rooms and garages-**** scattered everywhere. Looked like the houses along and closest to Bob Smith got it worse-beachfront houses are on beach sand now-no grass. Real mess. Getting real stinky also. All I could do was empty fridge, nail up shutters on blown out downstairs windows and prop up fallen wall and pull my 1994 Bronco out of ditch and put it in my driveway (wanna buy a water logged Bronco-CHEAP!!). Brother on Jamiaca Cove had a snake in downstairs-non poisonous-but it was dark in there and couldn't tell what it was at first-knew it was a snake though! Be careful and make sure you turn off breakers and water. All 4 of our houses had no upstairs damages at all-lots of folks do though because of roof problems. BEST TO YOU AND GOOD LUCK AND BE CAREFUL! Bring your camera for insurance purposes also.
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