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Anyone heading to Jamaica Beach tomorrow (Tues)?

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It sounds like Jamaica Beach residents are being allowed on the Island for a L&L, and I think tomorrow is the best day...before the long lines start on Wednesday when Galveston is opened up.

We have a place on the beach in Jamaica Beach so I am thinking of heading down tomorrow. However, I don't have anyone to go with me, and I'd rather not do it alone. There is a strong chance that our stairs are gone, so I may need to climb up to the 2nd floor, and I don't want to do that by myself. Also I would like to bring my ladder, but I have a very small car.

If anyone is heading down and would like some company, I will be glad to meet you somewhere if I can ride along with you. I will also be happy to drive someone else, but like I said my car is very small so that isn't ideal.

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mwb007 said:
If you can't find anyone to go, shoot me a pm and I'll go with you.
I'm driving him in...if we can get in that is :D
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