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This is a question for you "hot rodder" types. I still have my high school truck sitting in my parents backyard. I need to get rid of the truck because I really have no interest in classic cars/hot rods any more and I simply don't have the time, energy, or money to restore the truck. Problem is I really don't know what the thing is worth. The truck is as follows:

1977 GMC "Short Wide"/"Heavy Half"/ or 5/8 ton
12 bolt rear end
Turbo 350
350 SB with headers, chrome, Eldebrock intake and carb, duel exhaust, etc.
The innards of the motor are stock
Wide Creager SuperSport chrome rims
It was lowered when I got it but had been raised up to more of a raked look
Custom aftermarket captains chairs type bench seat
I have everything original for the truck minus the original bench seat
No rust on body, very straight with no dents other than maybe a small ding here and there

The truck was purchased from a co-worker of my fathers in early '93. The guy we bought the truck from was the original owner and waxed the thing twice a week its entire life. I drove it throgh highschool and into college, then it was parked in my parents backyard and has been there ever since. I worked on it quiet a bit and it was quiet sharp for several years (paint job, chome engine accessories, BFG tires, headers, etc...). The truck needs lots of work now after sitting, paint, engine probably needs to be rebuilt along with many engine components that you would want to replace while you were working on it (alternator, water pump, etc....). The truck was running when it was parked but it hasn't been started in several years. This would make a great platform for someone looking for a hot-rod truck project.

Anyone have any guesses on what something like this would be worth? Any suggestions or advice on how to get rid of this thing would be greatly appreciated.
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