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Any Good Movies out now?

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Took off the week to entertain the niece an nephew from out of town. Weather all along the coast sux, so how about any good movies. Any suggestions of pg13 orpg movies would be appriciated.
Happy 4th of JULY!!!!!
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Schliterbahn has the indoor park open...and there is always a good IMAX @ Moody Gardens
You could rent "The Pink Panther" with Steve Martin, Kevin Kline and Beyonce'. I haven't seen it but my nephew (15 yo) loved it. I believe it's rated PG. He watched it with his grandmother (my mom) and she said it was funny, not as funny as the originals with Peter Sellers, but still funny.
"Cars" is cute, starts off a little slow but gets better

"Click" is one I want to see, looks funny.

The Other Garfield movie is out but I did not care for the first one (and I'm a Garfield Fan)

"Nacho Libre" might...I say might be funny. (if you like body noise jokes)
The second Pirates of the Carribean comes out later this week. If its half as good as the first it'll be a lot of fun to watch.
Al-umenium said Broke Back Mountain wasn't to bad.

I went and saw Superman this past Friday. Almost 3 hrs long. I thought it was fair to Midland. :)
We took the boys to see Cars and Click, they loved both movies since we've had all this rain. The movies were both funny and were good family to see.
"Cars" !

I went to see Cars, and it was a blast! ANY car guy will like it, and I'm sure most kids will too.

I can hardly wait for the new Pirates movie to come out! Starts Friday.
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