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Check TKF

There have been some yaks for sale on the TKF board but not the best of deals. Too many neubies looking for a yak. Richard has a fair deal there for a 120 Orange probably under 800$ which is about retail for a 120 with rudder and no tax but he is getting rid of a lot of stuff in the package. Two currados,rods, good paddle, anchor, pdf, gps and some other stuff. Check the for sale forum.

My son and I are going down to SLP Thurs after work and spend the weekend in the pop up. I am taking both kayaks and we are just going to kayak, fish the surf, and night fish the lights at the KOA. He is 11 and we will probably be using shrimp which I have never used.

Many people have kayaks in the bay system inc our leader here Monty. Monty has the Big boy kayak- a OK Drifter.
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