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This Just in.... Seems like there were two caught this week... The one Aaron caught at SLP (not yet on the board) and a woman who turned hers in at stingaree.

Congrats to the First two....

As written on the CCATX webpage
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Lesto said:
I believe there was one caught today by a 13 yr old. Happy young fella for sure!
Not sure if it's the same one, but heard a kid caught one today on the Sylvan Beach pier, and was registered in the STAR. Gotta love it when a kid gets one!

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Just curious, if a tagged red is caught in a certain area you fish alot, does that pretty much rule out the possibility of catching another one within say....at least several miles?

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good question Jeff and I am not sure but maybe this will help,my brother caught a red in chocolate bayou that was tagged by tpw for tracking purposes.The fish was released down by Freeport somewhere.So I know they do travel long distances.I can't remember the time frame from when they released him to when he was caught but they did send him a print out on the fish.It was kinda cool

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Baytown youth catches tagged redfish

By Jessica Robertson
Baytown Sun

Published June 8, 2006

Baytown teenager Luke Crain found more than just a redfish on the end of his fishing line Wednesday morning. He was fishing in Trinity Bay in La Porte with his father Larry and sister Kayla as part of the annual summer-long Coastal Conservation Association STAR Tournament when he caught one of the contest's 60 tagged redfish.

The fish was 22 1/2-inches long and weighed five pounds and 11 ounces. Crain's lucky catch brought him a $20,000 college scholarship and a 22-foot Blue Wave boat.

"I caught it in about 10 minutes," he said. "It put up a real good fight, and when I pulled it out and saw that it had a tag on it, I couldn't believe it. I'm feeling like I'm on top of the world right now."

The CCA releases 60 redfish along the Texas coast each year and offers prizes for each fish caught. The first five participants to catch a tagged redfish receive a 2006 Ford F-150 truck attached to a 22-foot Blue Wave boat. The boat also comes with a motor and trailer. The next five winning fishermen receive the boat, motor and trailer.

STAR administrator Christine Rogers said that because Crain is under 15, he will receive the boat along with a scholarship rather than the truck.

Anglers can compete in several other divisions, including speckled trout, flounder, gafftop, sheepshead, kingfish, Dorado and ling. Each division is further broken into adult, teen and kids categories, with different prizes for each.

The tournament spans the Texas Gulf Coast and offers almost $1 million in prizes and scholarships over a three-month period. This year's competition began May 27 and ends Sept. 4.

Crain is 14 and will be a freshman at Barbers Hill High School. He said he has been fishing since he could hold a pole and that although he has entered in several tournaments, this is the first time he has won anything other than dinner for his sport.

Lee College fishing instructor and family friend Robert Ibarra was fishing next to Crain's boat and provided bait for the winning catch.

"Their boat was rocking up next to ours, and we were grinding out of the same fishing hole," Ibarra said. "He asked me for a shrimp to use as bait, and I threw him one that was half dead by the time he got it on the hook. He cast it out, and the fish just took to it."

He said that because the group had already caught several redfish, they didn't expect Crain's fish to be tagged.

"I asked Larry to check the fish for a tag, and he said 'yeah, right,'" Ibarra said. "We scraped the slime off the fish and saw the tag. It blew us all away."

Ibarra said Crain watched him win the adult trout division of the STAR Tournament in 1997 with a 10-pound, 13-ounce fish, and he was happy to switch places with him this year.

"I'm just glad he was able to land his fish this time," he said. "He struggled with it for a bit, but he got it."

The tournament is open to Texas residents of all ages but requires that entrants be registered with CCA before competing. Luke's mother Kim Crain said she normally enters him into the tournament early every year, but he only registered for this year's competition online Tuesday night.

"We're typically suspect whenever someone registers one day and catches a fish the next day," tournament director Bill Kinney said. "Right now is the heaviest part of our registration because people are cracking into summer mode and realizing that it's time to fish. We've got confirmation that in this instance, there was online registration the night before, and everything that we can see right now points to this being 100 percent legitimate."

Kim said the scholarship will help her son to pursue his college education and attend almost any school he wants.

"He's always said he wants to go to Rice University or the University of Notre Dame," she said. "We told him that even with a $20,000 scholarship, he might need to catch a few more redfish to pay for that."

Crain said he plans to mount his fish and continue searching for the rest of the tagged fish. Five of the tagged redfish have already been caught, Rogers said. For more information on the tournament, visit the CCA Web site at http://www.ccatexas.com.

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I caught several at the trinity bay spillway bout 15 yrs ago that was tagged by TP&W... I sent the tags in and they sent me the details of each fish when they were tagged, all three fish were tagged in rockport.... Dem sob's swam a long long way...
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