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These people are not going to go away and no amount of talking, reasoning, or any other form of communication is going to change them
I agreed, but I agree to disagree on that one. I have the upmost respect for CCA and Pat Murray, but honestly, the first I heard of that billboard was on TTMB and TKF. As soon as I could ID the company involved, I posted up with contact info for the same. I also voiced my opinion, both here and in email to Viacom about how offensive I found that billboard. That billboard is history, but I didn't read about it in the Galveston Daily News, nor on the CCA website. More power to anyone who took the time to complain.

It's just my personal opinion, but it seems to me a few local fishing websites took the lead on getting this billboard removed, and I thank y'all for that.

just my .02
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