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Ya'll come check out the new track...
The point series is winding up.
We only have a couple more weeks.
The new track is much more technical with plenty of speed also.
start....rythem section with 8 or 9 humps...
3 straight aways
washboard section.
climb hill to a 3 step drop....10 inch drop each step..
into the pit...
and around to the double...
pretty fun track
c-ya there
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We need to pitch in and get you a camera bro! :D
JustinCoral said:
Thats cool. My dad and me are come out there this weekend and we don't have any gas cars so I was just making sure there was an electric class.
Are you the Justin I know from PR? The last name rings a bell but I dont want to look like an idiot talking to the wrong guy, or thinking Im talking to the wrong guy, or looking like the wrong guy is talking to me?

Im an idiot! LOL

Welcome to the site bro!

JustinCoral said:
No this isn't who u think it is.
Told ya I was an idiot! :D
1 - 3 of 39 Posts
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