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Ya'll come check out the new track...
The point series is winding up.
We only have a couple more weeks.
The new track is much more technical with plenty of speed also.
start....rythem section with 8 or 9 humps...
3 straight aways
washboard section.
climb hill to a 3 step drop....10 inch drop each step..
into the pit...
and around to the double...
pretty fun track
c-ya there
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Justin, they usually have a Stock truck class and then the mod is put together like Lyn said. But you won't have time to switch motors, so if you want to run both classes you'll have to run truck in one and buggy in the other.
LOL @ Jim. I already told Wayne if they bump Jesse to Stock truck I'm quitting. You better race now while you can, 'cause in a few years you're going to be somebody's fulltime pit beotch.
LOL. I only got to see L'il James drive once, but yes he looked very good too. Makes you feel old don't it?
I don't know Jim. I think the rule is you have to retire the first time he beats you in an A. At the rate they're going you might not make it to the end of the year.
1 - 4 of 39 Posts
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