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Ya'll come check out the new track...
The point series is winding up.
We only have a couple more weeks.
The new track is much more technical with plenty of speed also.
start....rythem section with 8 or 9 humps...
3 straight aways
washboard section.
climb hill to a 3 step drop....10 inch drop each step..
into the pit...
and around to the double...
pretty fun track
c-ya there
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Dave c. said:
pics coming soon.....
we just finished today
special thanks to:
Jim Sheffield, James Newman, Robert Kelley, Brian Rickard, Mike Stevens, Ruben, Travis
and anyone else I may have missed.
Dave,the day i called ya at Randys,i was there at tK&M for an hour or two to put the pipes down but James ran to get new pipe and my son was getting eat up by mosquitoes so we had to leave. but the track does look sweet,i cant wait for the weekend!!!! Team Insaneracin
Is there a big race at K&M this weekend besides our regular Sat. nite race?? Curious minds want to know.lol...thanks
Dave c. said:
PAUL...thanks for the help.!!!!!
as far as mosquitos go....I now have spray in the hobby shop...
It's not just a problem at the track...it's that time of year.
We had plenty of practice racers last night....all loved the new lay-out.
new lap times are about 38 sec.
c-ya at the track!!!
I hear that,they were going to fly my son away...lol...but i am sooo anxious to get on that track now.3 weeks left in the points series.
i have to admit also,i simply love that track,if you are not paying attention,it will bite you though!! lol......this track will make for an excellent end of series racing.

are we gonna change it again before the Richs Brew race? Dave talked me into signing up for it Sat.nite,didnt take much convinbcing though ;-P
i might break out my flashlight truck for stock if ya wanna run Justin...Paul
JustinCoral said:
My dad was saving up for the rc pro series race in Oklahoma by not racing every weekend but now the race is over so me and my dad will start racing again
gald to have you guys back racing with us Justin....by the way... this is Paul,if ya didnt know that...lol
Andy S. said:
man that insaneracing guy sure is a crazy mo fo....... but man he makes one awesome pit guy.
well thank you big dawg
1 - 7 of 39 Posts
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