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Anauhac and Mcfaddin duck hunters tide charts needed??

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Hey guys,

I was looking at the tide charts off 2cool for this past weekends tides. I was looking at gilchrist east bay tides and compared to that the tides were way wrong. Looking at sabine pass mesquite point the tides resembled those much closer...question is what do you fella's look at to gauge the tides out there?
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Water level at the ramp. It is hight still but going out with the NE wind.

I would only depend on the actually current forecasts from the Wells Daily Fishing Forecast found in the Gulf Coast Fisherman

These charts show the times the currents start and when they fall off along with a current speed rating, all of which determines the amount of change in water levels at various locations from the Gulf passes to the back bays all along the coast from Texas to Florida.

This data is based on U.S. Department of Commerce data charts which is what the shipping industry uses to determine when to enter to exit ports as it saves them thousands of gallons of fuel going with the current rather than fighting it.

Of course you have to factor in winds as a strong north wind is going to cancel out a strong incoming tide and a strong north wind is going to team up with a strong outgoing tide to drain the bay.
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