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Aluminum Cooler Holders??

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I've asked about this before and now I have another question. Do the coolers blow out of the holders on the highway? What holds them in (don't say the beer) LOL?
Is it possible to get a week turn around on a fairly simple job with four coolers? Dreamin' huh?
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Check with Jason/Jody at Millennium Marine they might have some made up for the coming Boat show!!!!


Kenny. I had one made for my 90qrt by Jason. I just ran a bungee cord around handle and then around bracket and clipped hooks together - I think it was $ 100 -$125

They did mine in a week or so. but that was before they were as busy as the are now.

I have it covered.
Proline aluminum in S.A. really nice guy. They build New Water Boats in the same shop. $125 a set but they have handles for passengers that might be sitting on the coolers. I use a bungee to keep mine in the boat just in case.
Academy now

They got'm at academy now. LOL
I didn't look too close though.
I second giving Gary w/Espandre a call. He did all of my aluminum work, and did a heck of a job on it. I'm sure he's got some that are already made, and ready for sale. I just use a bungy cord to keep the empty ones down while on the road.

Triple on calling Espandre - did all my work and it's excellent!
At boat speed with ice mine stay in fine. On the highway empty, I put a bungee on them just to be safe.
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