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Went to Alaska last week, fish were not there yet so I took some pics of Eagles that we were feeding. Also throwing in a pic of Ketchikan Creek, it runs right through town.

Hat is in the way, but it shows you how close they were

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Awesome Photos....thanks, Its on our short list....hope we make it..
Great pics. That river running through that town is awesome.


I could live there, more boats in town than people. No roads into town.
Such spectacular scenery and those eagles! Wow!

Thomas and I are going in September. We already have the flight and the RV booked, we are sooooo excited!
Oh man, what a fabulous place!!

Thank you for posting these magnificant animals in a wonderful setting. I did a little research and almost half of the total population of the world's bald eagles live in Alaska. They are a great sucess story of how man can change his ways to help animals. Bald eagles were originally declared endangered in 1967 it took 28 years for them to come off that list. In 1995 their status was changed to threatened. They are expected to lose that status within the next few years.

This summer will probably be the last of our Colorado trips. Sure would like to make it to Alaska and Yosemite.
Thanks Fishing for Tips, getting me all excited. WE will be there in 4 weeks, I hope to take many photos of the beautiful scenery and wildlife.


I took the pics of the eagles in Juneau. We stopped in Ketchikan though and that's when I snapped the shot of the creek. I was cruising.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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