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Aunt Joyce said:
PS Something has been continuing in Miami that is VERY unusual in our weather. Since Charley ripped down trees and filled the air with salt spray, followed by Frances, then Ivan who sent us feeder bands...every single day we've had oppressive heat and high humidity. In the house the AC keeps us cool (as long as the power is up). When you step out the front door it is the same as anyone who bakes experiences. To open the front door is exactly, with no exageration, like opening the door of the oven when you check on something baking.

For Sven, who rides his bike to Coconut Grove to work and back every day is has been brutal. When he comes home after work his clothes are soaked with sweat. The restaurant, which is right on the bay, doesn't have AC. So, you can imagine what this "oven" is doing to him and anyone who basically works outside.

I don't understand what's going on.
It has been humid here the past 2 days at the beach. We enjoyed northerly breeze until yesterdeay when it turned south and the heat pump turned on with the remanants of Ivan. Its still 80 here now at 11:30 pm in Avon and the heat index is 86. Unusual. I guesss ya'll got so much moisture that it ain't going away anyime soon. I bet Sven is about exhausted by the time he gets home. That is a lot of stress on a body. Ya'll be as careful as you can.

Gotta sign off. Under a tornado watch, and a line of t-boomers
is looming, can hear thunder now. 70 mph wind gust possible.

Take care, later...

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Yeah, and now maybe y'all understand why I'm not that much up to cooking dinner every night, but do it as much as possible.
Supposed to get off early today though, so I better pull some meat out of the freezer before I go.
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